The Good Shepherd

March 3, 2019
"We know that Jesus came for everyone, he came for the other sheep. He didn't come for just those that were considered holy, just those that were expected to be saved, he didn't come just for the Jews... he came for everyone. He came for "the other sheep" as well."

The Light of the World

February 24, 2019
Whether we're ready to cast our stones at "those sinners" or "those sinners" are ready to cast their stones at us, we all have that same command, that opportunity, that Jesus provides to us all here today: to go and sin no more.
May we welcome The Resurrection and The Life into our hearts, into our lives, as we welcome the eternal reign of the kingdom of God that begins now, and forever and ever.

The Bread of Life

February 3, 2019
The Bread of Life gives us what we so desperately desire, what we so desperately need… we need spiritual sustenance.

Actions Speak

January 27, 2019
Really loving others requires work, it requires effort, dedication, and concentration; it doesn't happen by accident.

The J Word

January 20, 2019
What would our world, our communities, our schools, our workplaces, our churches look like if instead of judging others, we extended God's grace to others?
You know what happens when you point the finger at someone else? You have three pointing right back at you.