The J Word

January 20, 2019
What would our world, our communities, our schools, our workplaces, our churches look like if instead of judging others, we extended God's grace to others?
You know what happens when you point the finger at someone else? You have three pointing right back at you.

Speak Life

January 6, 2019
When are we going to realize that we can't help ourselves? We need the Word of life.

The Greatest Gift

December 24, 2018
Five years from now we probably won't remember what gift we received for Christmas in 2018. Five years from now, and for as long as we shall walk this earth and live into eternity, we will know who loved us."

Refiner’s Fire

December 9, 2018
Who has been the "John the Baptist" in your life? Who can you be a "John the Baptist" for as we prepare ourselves for the refiner's fire - the birth of our Savior?