(Postponed during Covid until further notice)

Who makes the best pasties in all of the Slate Belt? We do (yes, we’re a little bias). As far as we know though, we are the only church that makes them from scratch; something we’ve been perfecting for nearly four decades.

Each pasty weighs in over 1 pound! Best in the Slate Belt.

Our pasties are made with a lot of love. Inside of a baked crust we fill our pasties with ground beef, potatoes, seasoning and onions (or without onions – your choice… some even order them without meat, we can do that, too).

Pasties are sold the second Saturday of every month except in December and during the summer. If you miss a sale and are hungry for a pasty, don’t worry. We usually have some in the freezer and they are just as good baked in your oven for an hour at 350°.

To place an order you can call the church office or Carolyn at 610-905-2173 or fill at the form below. It’s the best $5 dinner money can buy.

Our pasty bake is more than a fundraiser. Yes, the proceeds from the sales helps to support the mission and ministry here at First UMC. The pasties are also given to those that are needy and hungry and in other emergency situations. Thank you all for your support of this wonderful ministry.