Beginning clockwise: (1) winter view of the cathedral and Bible Garden from the northeast; (2) illuminated manuscript plate from the Bangor Pontifical, circa 1310; (3) the Nave Altar and High Altar looking east with rood screen designed by Oldrid Scott and rood by Alban Caroe; (4) Christ the King, one of the statues with Flemish origin thrown-out in the 17th century, found and restored in 1964; (5) early 15th century octagonal font with the arms of the See of Bangor; (6) copy of the Architectural History of the Cathedral, with a graphic scale indicating growth throughout the centuries of time; (7) overlapped view of the interior arches; (8) the earliest stained-glass window in the cathedral; (9) exterior view of the Cathedral of St. Deiniol; (10) the choir and presbytery looking east with Bishop’s Throne, note angels in scale in actual locations; (11) overlapping an additional exterior view of the cathedral.

Background notes: Green marbleized paper pattern is a copy of a patented design purchased in Bath, England; the cloth in the upper right corner is from the British “Union-Jack” flag; and near the bottom are representations of the official city of Bangor coat-of-arms’ patches and the Bangor City Football Club enameled commemorative pin (1984 UK Champions).

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